Story of a French vision - 50 years of history.
Throughout the XXth century, the history of the workshop is influenced by the creativity of three famous contemporary characters, which reflects the French culture and nurtures the French know-how.

Louis Alexandre Raimon & Jean Cocteau

History of Maison Alexandre de Paris

1971A star is born: first brand of luxury hair accessories.

The first one, master of "Haute Coiffure", born Louis Alexandre Raimon, gives his name to the brand: Alexandre de Paris. Also known as the "Sphinx", he is a distinguished figure of Paris high society, worshipped by American movies stars as much as the Monegasque aristocracy.

He is the one who designed the very first piece out of a long collection of high-end accessories, the iconic Vendôme Comb. Inspired by the famous jewellers' hub in Paris, he has it crafted in Félix Huchard's workshop.

The second one is an artist, the French poet Jean Cocteau, who draws the impressive Sphinx as a gesture of his friendship for the famous hairdresser. This drawing will permeate the aura of the brand and be the symbol of these hair accessories with a Parisian elegance for the next 30 years.

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